Reginald “Rick” Coleman

Reginald Coleman, known to family and loved ones as Rick or Buddah was a private man, who did not disclose much about his past prior to moving to North Dakota in the mid 2000’s. What can be said is that he was a hard-working family man, who cared for his wife and children very much. (And also the 3 dogs, begrudgingly)

After moving to Minot, Rick put his education and culinary talents to work at various dining establishments throughout the city. Known as a master of meats, Rick could turn any cut of meat into a masterful work of art.

To say Rick was a teacher is an understatement, always taking the time to encourage others and sprinkle tidbits of information and advice into everyday life. He wanted others to learn from his past experiences and allow for others to benefit from his wisdom, while at the same time destroying them at fantasy football.

Rick met his wife Connie, a few years after coming to Minot. They married in the fall of 2013, and on that day, he also gained 3 children who loved and cherished him. He would later go on to say that these children were the pride and joy of his life. The next 10 years of his life would be spent watching his children grow into adults, while helping where he could along the way.

Rick passed away in his home after being ill. His family and friends will truly miss him, and the world is a much darker place without his bright smile.


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