Mabel Rae Askay

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Memorial services for Mabel Rae Askay will be held 11 a.m. Saturday, July 9, 2022, at Lord of Life Lutheran Church,  1143 N 26th St, Bismarck.

From the moment she arrived on December 10, 2015, Mabel Rae Askay lived her life like a red-haired tornado that fiercely loved everyone she ever came across.  She never met anyone, or any of God’s creatures, that she couldn’t be friends with.  She especially loved her older sister and brother, Matilda and Fletcher, and looked up to them with the utmost admiration.  She was always up for adventures with her family, whether it be fishing, ATV riding, hiking, exploring tidepools, or simply having an impromptu dance party in the living room.  On many of these adventures, Mabel was known to shed multiple layers of clothing, as she was a firm believer in the “suns out, buns out” approach to life.

Mabel lit up every single room she ever entered to the point that all others required sunglasses.  She dressed brightly to match her one-of-a-kind personality, and her red hair could never quite seem to contain the joy it radiated. She loved to dress up and twirl.  She loved to get sweaty and dirty.  She was equally comfortable wearing dresses as she was in her beloved baggies.

Mabel loved to have books read to her, and as her reading improved, she cherished opportunities to read to others. She loved cuddling, or as she fondly called it, “cuttlin.” Mabel loved her best friend Sage. Their friendship was one so pure and heaven-sent, it was a privilege to witness.   Mabel was a funny, funny kid.  Because she was so smart, she found a lot of humor in life and it was an absolute joy to share in her humor. Her number one mission in her days was to find and love animals, and to make her family laugh. Silly faces, crazy dances, impersonations, costumes … just to make us smile. There are simply no words to fully describe the goodness and purity of her giggles. To be in the presence of Mabel, was to feel the joy of the Lord shining on you.

Right now, mornings are the worst because mornings were the absolute best with Mabel. She would crawl out of bed, wrapped firmly in her blanket, and crawl to be with her family. Her boinky bed head was always the topic of morning conversation. She would find her beloved Beverly, our family pup, and wrap herself around her until she was awake enough to start the morning.

Our world is definitely dimmer without her presence.  In her six short years she was a wonderful example of what it looks like to love others with reckless abandon, and that is something that we will hold onto forever. Our precious Mabel, Mabes, Marble, Blarb, Shmoo, Mabee Baby, Trail Boss; our lives are better for having known and loved you. Being loved by you was a gift we will never forget. 

Masks will be available for those attending the service, but they are not required.

Mabel’s family invites you to bring wildflowers and garden flowers to be placed in Mason jars.

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