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18 Nov Jamie S. Gange

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Jamie Scott Gange, 46 of Bismarck, passed away November 17, 2021, surrounded by his loving family.

A funeral service will be held at 12:30 PM, Monday, November 22, 2021, at Bismarck Funeral Home. Visitation will be held one hour prior to the service. Lunch will follow the funeral service with burial at the North Dakota Veterans Cemetery, Mandan at 3:00 PM.

Jamie was born September 6, 1975, in Bismarck to Leonard and Denise (Heydt) Gange. He was baptized and received First Holy Communion at Ascension Catholic Church. He was confirmed at the St. Alexius Hospital Chapel by Father Ron Yee Mon who Jamie had a great admiration for. Father Ron is a wonderful person who went out of his way to be there for Jamie and his family, and for that they are eternally grateful.

Jamie attended Jeanette Myhre Elementary School and Wachter Middle School. His parents were Den Leaders, and he was a Cub Scout. Jamie had an amazing talent and love of music. He played drums in band all through his school years. He was picked and invited to play at special all school concerts at the Civic Center. In 1988, the family moved to Drake, ND where Jamie attended Drake High School. Jamie was a thoughtful and imaginative writer. Writing his own songs and music, poems, and short stories, one of which was picked to be on display at the Heritage Center. He enjoyed doing parodies of popular songs to make them his own and always much more humorous. He created a radio broadcasting company in his home where he would write radio shows and record him and his friends “live on air” talking and playing music similar to what listening to a podcast now is like. He attended International Music Camp at the Peace Gardens. During his high school years Jamie worked as a DJ helping his uncle Dennis at dances around the state of ND. His passion for music was encouraged and nurtured by many people but especially by his uncle Dennis who also loves music. They had a very special bond because of this. Jamie’s favorite artist, as anyone who knew him knows, is Madonna. He shared many of the same qualities as Madonna. Multi-talented, hardworking, with strong beliefs and the courage to always stand up for those beliefs and to speak his mind even if it meant “causing a commotion”. He was and always will be her biggest fan. In 1994, Jamie moved to the Anne Carlsen School in Jamestown. It is an incredible organization for individuals with developmental disabilities. He received the best care from wonderful loving people. Jamie was visited by and got to meet Governor Ed Schafer and Senator Byron Dorgan while there. During this time his uncle Dennis and sister, Michelle had many dances for Jamie and the students and staff at Anne Carlsen. In 1998, he moved to St. Aloisius nursing home in Harvey. In 2011, Jamie and his parents moved back to Bismarck. He lived at St Vincents Care Center, where he was well taken care of, until his passing.

The family would like to thank everyone over the years who took care of, visited with, and prayed for Jamie. With special thanks to his and our family and friends. A particular remembrance for Jamie’s grandmothers who both loved him dearly. They visited him as much as they could and always sent him cards, letters, and prayers.

Leonard and Denise loved their son more than could ever be expressed with words. The way they deeply cared for Jamie is unlike anything you have ever seen. All they ever wanted is the best care there was for him and they fought every single day for almost thirty years to do what they thought and felt was best. No matter what they faced they never EVER gave up or backed down from going to battle for him. When the family lived in Drake they would bring him home from the Anne Carlsen School for visits and holidays so he could be with his family. They took care of him at home with no nurses or help. Not very many people would be brave enough to do that and they did until they physically couldn’t anymore. Their dedication and devotion for Jamie was unwavering.

Jamie was preceded in death by both sets of his grandparents and brother, James Lee Gange.

He is survived by his parents, Leonard and Denise (Heydt) Gange; sister, Michelle and husband Tony Bjerke; and numerous uncles, aunts, and cousins.

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