Jason Meyers

Jason Anthony Meyers, 38, of Tucson, AZ, passed away on May 19, 2024.

Funeral Service will be held at 11:00 AM on Monday, May 27, 2024, at the New Ralph Wells Community Complex, White Shield, ND. Burial will follow at Sacred Heart Cemetery, White Shield, ND.

Wake Services will begin at 5:00 PM on Sunday, May 26, 2024, at the New Ralph Wells Community Complex, White Shield, ND.

Jason Anthony Meyers began his journey on this earth on August 1st 1985, he was gifted to his loving mother and father Margaret McKinney and Samuel Meyers Jr. He was the oldest of his three siblings one brother Jeremy Meyers, two sisters Melinda and Samantha Meyers. He received his Great Grandfather Oscar Yellowbird name “ ciwako titataree ux-Blue Fox” given by Terry Howling Wolf. He is the godson to Thomas YellowBird and Martina Turner.  

Jason had grew up in White Shield just walking distance from Grandma Meyers place where his other Meyers brothers and sisters lived and or visited often. So there was always someone around to hang out with and something to get into. The tree that stood in the field just between their houses would be the base to some of the most interesting looking forts you could imagine.  I do recall some crabapple fights and heard of some fort wars but all in good fun. Always a fun time with the whole Meyers crew. 

After Uncle Sams passing it was hard on the whole family. Jason had went to school in Minnesota and when he had came back home he moved in with his sister Pam and her family. He was a godsend for us. He watched the kids so we could both go to work. He cooked and cleaned it was like having a live in manny/butler. Jason would help us decorate our basement for our yearly haunted house for the kids in the community it was so much fun.  His last big decorating event was for his auntie Annie’s wedding. He sure knew how to throw a party/event. He stayed with us until the kids were old enough to go to school and then moved into his own apartment. Where he was bored at first, I told him I was sorry, but I wasn’t going to have any more kids for him to take care of, he is going to have to find a hobby or a job. He eventually found his footing in independent freedom like going to concerts, casino nights, drag shows, pow-wows, chilling at the lake, hanging out with friends and all the fun things you can do when you don’t have kids.

Jason like to go on adventures, boy as soon as you asked him to go anywhere he was ready to go. Ok he wasn’t that ready he would have to make sure he had the right outfit on and had the right gages, glasses,  scarf or no scarf and if the beanie matched or not. He sure could dress sharp and had his own style down to his own scent. It took like four to five different colognes to smell like Jason. Once on the road he would be fast asleep, one of the biggest car babies I have ever know! Just sleeping and snoring all the way to our destination. 

His adventures took him to many places. He went to school in Minnesota, Disney World in Florida, Hawaii to preform for Indian club, California, Arizona, he even toured with Angel Rose. It was these adventures where he would meet so many people who where like him and accepted him as a fellow Two Spirit that he could feel comfortable in his own skin. Something our small town made it hard for him to do. 

He may have been a poor sport at Uno and don’t ever take a whoopee cushion away from him if you know what’s good for you.  He had so much love for all of his nieces, nephews, grandkids, the family and so many friends he has left behind it is so strong and powerful. When you start to miss him just remember his smile and the good times you had together.  

Jason is proceeded in death by his paternal grandfather Samuel Meyers Sr., maternal grandfather Mike McKinney Sr., his Father Samuel Meyers Jr., uncle Darren Meyers, aunt Melinda McKinney, his sister Stevie Krueger, nephew Christopher Chad Everett Jr., his fur babies and good friend John Nadeau.

He is survived by his mom Margaret McKinney, Maternal grandmother Beverly White Bear, brother Jeremy Meyers, sisters Melinda (Hailey) Meyers, Samantha Meyers.,and nieces Anaiya and Alayna Meyers. Along with countless Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Nieces, Nephews, Grandbabies, and Friends. 


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