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26 Mar Eric D. Kersey

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Eric D. Kersey, 27, of Bismarck, North Dakota passed away on March 18, 2024 at Sanford Health, Bismarck due to complications from pneumonia.

Eric D. Kersey was born on November 12, 1996. He arrived at the home of Vernon and Cleo Kersey as a foster child after a brain injury when he was 5 months old. Doctors felt they were sending him to the comfort of our home to pass away. Eric, however, had different plans, he stayed at their home and was adopted as a wonderful addition to the family.

He attended schools through BPS and had wonderful teachers through Grimsrud Elementary and Horizon Middle School and Graduated from Century High School in 2015. Eric lived at home under the care of his parents and family until February of 2023 where he was moved into Agusta Good Samaritan and received wonderful care.

Eric loved music, especially Spinoza. He loved hearing his moms voice as she sang “You Are My Sunshine”. He loved the warmth of the sun on his face and the birds chirping when he spent time with his dad on the swing.  Eric was an incredible person who was given to us to teach us unconditional love and acceptance.

Eric is survived by his parents Vernon and Cleo Kersey; his siblings, Doug, Pat, Cindy, Jeanine, Darren, Gail, and Cathy and their families.

In place of a memorial service the family has set up a Facebook page called “Remembering Eric Kersey” where you are able to leave a message, picture or a story to share with the community that loved him.

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