Ruebin Brave

Ruebin Clarence Brave Crow was born on September 2, 1985, to Eva and Steven Brave Crow II. He was the youngest son of Eva’s children. He left for the Star Nation on Thursday, March 14, 2024, at a Fargo hospital with his children and friend at his side. 

Ruebin was born in Bismarck, ND. He is the youngest son of Eva’s children. Shortly after he was born, Eva and Steven moved to Minneapolis. Ruebin attended PICA HeadStart in Minneapolis. Where he graduated and went on to attend Four Winds American Indian School. He loved school. Our Ma went to the teacher conference and the teacher said, “Ruebin does well here. He is a bright, smart student. Very curious and a joy to have in our classroom. The only thing is, he is so smart he finishes his work faster than any of the other students. And I told them, when you finish your work, you can play with the toys.” She said, “I don’t have a problem with him getting done so fast. I’m happy he does. The part I don’t like is if the toy he wants is on the tops shelf, he climbs on the bookshelves and helps himself. He could fall and hurt himself. Please talk to him and explain he can’t climb on them.” Even before he went to school, his older brother Steven (Corey), would get up at the crack of dawn. Like around 5-6 am and want to go outside to play. So, mom had to get locks for the doors to keep them inside until at least they were awake and keep them at least until about 8 or 9 am. And even then, he was climbing on desks or pulling chairs to the locks trying to figure them out to open the door. Ruebin and Cory were inseparable when they were young. Minneapolis was their playground. They had no fear of anything or anyone. Wandered the city. One time our older brother, Waylyn, came over and asked to get some KFC. Being the two little mischievous boys they were, their little eyes lit up and agree to get their brother and his friend some KFC. Little did our older brother realize that it was 8 am and KFC was not open until later in the morning. So, Waylyn gave them a 50-dollar bill. There was a cafe, Curly’s, who has a couple arcade games in the back. They were gone for a couple hours and finally Waylyn said “Where they at? They should have been back by now.” That’s when I asked him what he was talking about. And he told me about the KFC and the 50. I started laughing and said, “Shit, they not getting no KFC, they at the arcade.” So, brother Waylyn went to go look for them. Years later when you asked about this time, they said they knew he was coming so they left and went downtown to the bigger arcade. Needless to say, Waylyn ended up getting his own KFC and the two boys didn’t come back until dark time. Then about when Ruebin was about 12, our Ma moved from the Twin Cities to White Shield. Where he attended White Shield School for a couple of years. Then our Ma and sister Jeani moved to Garrison. He attended Garrison school. Made friends and did teenager stuff that landed him to go to a boys school away from home. He attended that until his late teens. After Garrison he went to Kansas. Where he met Julia. From this union, they had two sons, Montoya and Xavier. They moved their family back to White Shield after the loss of our Ma and sister. For a few months they lived with his sister Sandie. From White Shield, they moved their family to Bismarck and stayed with our Ree Sister Flo for a time. Things did not work out with Julia, her and their sons went back to Kansas. Then after some time he met Amanda. With Amanda he had two children, Donte and Aalyiah. After he and Amanda did not work out, his extracurricular activities got ahead of him. After he straightened up, he got his children back. He was so proud of his children. And loved them beyond measure. By this time, his lifestyle caught up to him and his health problems began. He fought a good fight. And succumbed to his failing health on that fateful Thursday night, March 14, 2024. Where he

took his last breath with his children and friend at his side. Ruebin is survived by his children, Montoya, Xavier, Aaliyah, and Dante’ Brave Crow; brother, Steven Brave Crow; sister, Kasandre Perkins; nieces Marcelline and Kaylan Strong; grandchildren, Selah Dennis, Bear In The Cloud, Irie Strong, Knox Strong and Snow Strong; aunt, Christine YellowBird; Ree Sister, Florence Laducer Garrett; uncles, aunties, brother/cousins, sister/cousins, family, and friends. And wife Jade. Ruebin is preceded in death by his mother, Eva Perkins; father, Steven Brave Crow II; brother, Waylyn Luke; sister, “Jeani” Daryl Roberts and Stephanie Brave Crow; maternal grandparents, Sybert Yellow Bear and Marcelline Yellow Face.

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